AIS of Lucca: “Italian Sommelier Association”

AIS of Lucca

If you love Wine, a  Sommelier Experience with the AIS of Lucca, Tuscany,  is a chance of a lifetime:

  • to  explore the world’s wine regions; 
  • to learn how to build your own cellar:
  • to study Food &  Wine pairings and take part in  tasting analysis so you can identify any Wine simply by smell and by sip; 
  • to share your passion and enjoy life with friends! 

AIS of Lucca is one of the several “Italian Sommelier Association” branches  in each region of Italy. The “AIS” or “Italian Sommelier Association” is  an Italian non-profit organization founded in Milan on July 7, 1965, officially recognised and legally acknowledged by the Italian government on April 6, 1973. Its founding members were : Gianfranco Botti, Jean Valenti, Leonardo Guerra  and Italian Sommelier Ernesto Rossi. The “Italian Sommelier Association” is part and founding member of the “Worldwide Sommelier Association” (WSA) which is officially recognized across the world. The AIS is one of the oldest and actually the largest Sommelier Association in the world, featuring more than 30.000 members only in Italy! The aim of “Italian Sommelier Association” , as stated in the third article of its charter, is to qualify Sommelier’s role and profession, therefore adding value to Wine, Traditional Specialties and Gastronomy culture. Its aim is also to promote, even in the legislative branch, the introduction of its didactic approach in Hospitality related schools, as well as to endorse the Sommelier’s professional role, international recognition and esteem. An educational, Experience with AIS of Lucca will ensure you have all you need to take your passion to a high  level.

My  graduation as a Sommelier with the AIS of Lucca was an unforgettable moment.

I worked hard for that exam. It was one of my Growth Days: we all have days that mark special life milestones, all events that allow us to celebrate, to reflect, to learn. It was last June I went to “Berlucchi Winery ” in Franciacorta (Brescia Area)  to get  a Sommelier Certification offered by the AIS of Lucca after a three year course recognized by Wine industry and Restaurant Professionals throughout the world. It was an incredible journey for : rounding out my knowledge ,  expanding  my  palate, making a professional assessment on Wine. It was something more than  connecting the dots between a flavor, such as clove and vanilla in a sample Pinot Noir!  There are two types of Certified Sommeliers: those who currently work in the industry, and those who go through the certification process to learn much more than Wine, that is the area in which is produced. That’s me!  I started my adventure with Wine by chance, because  dealing  with Tourism, attending a Sommelier Course in Lucca (the best in terms of organization and preparation in Tuscany) was the right way to know  better Tuscany with all its Beauty, Art and Culture. I recognize that to be a Sommelier  without working in the industry  is much harder,  since you’re not working with Wine every day, you have to carve out time in your schedule to practice and to dedicate to Wine. One option isn’t better than the other–you just need to know which category you’ll likely fall under before you become a Sommelier. In order to make it through the long class schedule and nerve-wracking final exam, you should have an ultimate end goal in mind from the beginning. Some Sommelier students drop out before the courses are complete, sometimes because they underestimate the amount of studying required to pass the exam, and sometimes because they only liked the idea of being a Sommelier, without having a plan to use their education for a specific purpose. You need to have a purpose in mind when you receive Sommelier Certification! Becoming a Sommelier is only the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that Wine Education never ends, even for those who are fully certified with every program. Getting certified is only one method for growing a greater understanding of Wine, and it’s not necessary for every Wine ‘fan’. Before you pressure yourself into becoming certified, it’s important to ask yourself why you want to go through the experience, and whether it’s truly the right choice for you!

My fortune was to have clear ideas why to be a Sommelier and to run into AIS of Lucca for my certification. 

Studying for being a Sommelier meant to meet Wine Professionals  who loved exploring the best about Wine & Food Tradition in Tuscany . The AIS of Lucca was absolutely essential for me, because they gave me the chance to practice what I  learned in their classes  about the Wine Education and  Tuscany Culture . Nowadays, I ‘m really able to give useful tips for visitors who want to experience Italian Life Style and who want to discover this awesome region  with my services in

Recently, a friend asked why a person should invest in a Wine Class instead of purchasing a few bottles and having a liquid study session at home. I think it’s a great question! 

Learning about Wine seems a foreign concept to many,  but it’s actually a great deal of fun as well as financially rewarding – the more you know about Wine, the better your Wine purchases will be. You need to know at least enough to understand what makes you happy. I know, Wine makes you happy. But, which Wines make you happiest? Until you try a well-curated selection, how do you know? Learning the  “AIS” Systematic Approach to Tasting will give you great insight into how your palate works. In the  “AIS” course, I tasted Top Wines from different parts of and from all over the word. I got  great tasting experience there. Of course, I could taste Wine at home, but the difference  is that in the “AIS” course  my  tasting was  focused and guided. It was tasting with a purpose and  even after a one day class,  my tasting abilities  and my appreciation of what I tasted was considerably greater.  I can guarantee that “AIS” is not only a  a great place to get all your answers about Wine with other like-minded Wine Lovers, but above all a possibility to make frienships with interesting people.  My Sommelier Experience is not only made of books, of Wine glasses , restaurants, and now My Wine Tasting Events in Pisa and its province, but above all of it is about all  my friends I share my passion about Wine and travelling with.  My family  and my friends describe me as an explorer, enthusiastic, adventurous,  dynamic, optimistic, sociable person and it is really who I am. I love life and that’s why I love Wine because it represents all that I love about life.  To me, Wine is like a friend. Through Wine, you:

  • Meet great people:  Yes, there are so many great people behind and around Wine, people who enjoy having Wine,  the Winemaker, the Wine-Seller, the Cook, and the Sommelier of course! 
  • Celebrate life: Yes, don’t you have Wine when you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, Christmas, or a graduation?
  • Eat great food: Wine without Food is not really Wine, don’t you agree with me?
  • See the world:  Yes, Wine is International, with it you discover new Countries and Regions, along with their History and Culture. 


I’m a Passionate Traveler and wherever I go, I always try to find the most unique vineyard, meet with the winemaker and also to find the best restaurant in town, or wine bar and, living in Pisa, my starting point of course is Tuscany !  

Salute ! 


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