Calici sotto le Stelle 2012, Marina di Cala del Sole, Licata, Sicily

On the 6th of August 2012, a hot summer day, me and the chef  Elena Curzio  met each other in Licata, my home town in Southern Sicily for a job meeting in the the tourist harbour “Marina di Cala del Sole”. 

We talked about our passions and we worked together realizing  a special Wine Exibition “Calici Sotto le Stelle” , a National Wine Festival that takes place in Town Squares and Wineries  on August 10th  every year, the night of the shooting stars:  Wine Lovers raise their glasses for the most-anticipated toast of the summer! Movimento Turismo del Vino and Città del Vino, the Association of Italian Winemaking Cities,  give life to an Exibition  that extends form North to South. Elena had the brilliant idea to prepare star-shaped biscuits with the Top Re Wine of a Local Top  Winery “Estate Barone La Lumia” with the help of some  collaborators  and here below a video about that great night

Enjoy it!


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