Florence Wine Event 2017

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup.
All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped,
but with others, drink the whole bottle.
P. Coelho

Florence Wine Event 2017

Welcome to Florence Wine Event 2017 , an annual celebration of Wine & Food around Italy and not only ! Florence Wine Event 2017  was held  with success at “Artex” , the “Centre for Artistic and Traditional Craftsmanship of Florence” located in an old convent in via Giano della Bella 20 in “San Frediano” , one of Florence’s most characteristic neighbourhoods . Lonely Planet named borgo  “San Frediano”one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods to explore all over the world!


For two days-18th and 19th November-lots of Artisan and Wine grovers from different part of Italy (with a lot of them  making their Real first debut) gathered to pour over organic, biodynamic and natural wines to consumers .

The several participating companies were selected in order to give them the opportunity to make known their Top Products. The droves of hungry visitors were fed by a dozen street food stalls manned by some of Florence’s top restaurants and suppliers , whilst those thirsty for knowledge were helped with the kind  explanations of the exhibitors.

Rappresentative Wine Companies from TuscanySicilyCampania  and Puglia  attended the Wine Exhibition together with important professionals of the catering sector in Florence for lovers of local and even of  Japanese Food.

Just to remind some of the them: Due Mari di Vino“ (Puglia), “Donne del Vino“ (Tuscany) ,“Adelina Molettieri” (Irpinia, Campania),  “Firenze Sakè”,“Giapponese Cuore“ (Florence), “Enoteca Alessi” (Florence),“Osteria Tripperia il Maggazino” (San Frediano, Florence), “Prinz Beverage & Food“(Florence). Here the whole list: Florence Wine Event 2017 Companies

Last but not least the artist of Florence Wine Event’s Logo Cesare Moncelli .

He was born in Milan, and graduated  from “Florence Academy of Fine Art”  in 1979. Since 2010, he has lived and worked in China. Mr. Moncelli  applies his art to digital paintings and various other mediums. Through testing of nonconventional forms, he is today a successful experimental artist, combining the Florentine’s great artistic tradition with contemporary creativity. Cesare’s designs are truly a perfect gift to the world.

I  had the privilege to write a post aboutFlorence Wine Event 2017in My Website www.WeLoveItaly.eu . I’d like to share the same feel about Florence Wine Event 2017  with all the tourists who want to have an holiday in Tuscany discovering what’s new in this exclusive italian region!

I like writing about Italian Life Style and above all about Wine & Food! People imagine no doubt that I glamourously eat and drink ! No way ! It’s something more over the pleasure . Wine & Food represent so many things to me. The contents of a  bottle and of a dish reach out, to time, to place, to people, to food, to culture, to conviviality and hospitality. That’s why I decided to be a Wine Tasting Expert three years ago thanks to Italian Sommelier Association in Lucca (AIS Lucca). I build my Wine Knwoledge and I learned  almost everything better and more deeply by sharing the learning experience  with  mentors, professionals and with fellow wine lovers. Yes, there are books, and many of them are excellent as references, and some of them are very good at starting a discussion. But you still need to put liquid to lips to make sense of what is written.

Italian food is famous worldwide, but what most people don’t know is that each region has its own speciality, such as Tuscany. Before you can understand the food, you first need to understand the history and geography of Italy. Florence has a medieval history that influences the traditional staples of Florentine and Tuscan cuisine. Another factor that affects the Tuscan  Cuisine are the local ingredients like tomatoes, rosemary, porcini mushrooms, truffle mushrooms, olives,  and a few varieties of meat, cheese, and bread. Here is a list of the Top 10 Food you must eat in Florence!

I needed to eat more than usual to absorb all that Divine Alcohol! To my amazement there were two kind japanese girls who held my hand to taste their delicatessen served at “Il Cuore” , their restaurant in Florence.

It was about  an appetiser of different fresh raw fish paired with the Sake distributed by “Firenze Sake“ .  The choice was vast and sushi was delicious -it was served warm. If you are always in the lookout for a new awesome restaurant in Florence, try this one!  Florentines (and Italians) are crazy about Japan . The current trend in sushi restaurants hits Florence !

My inital round went on at the first floor tasting a Bolgheri Red Wine  “Carmina Arvalia”, an elegant Bordeaux Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon ,  and San Giovese produced in Bolgheri, that is my favourite medieval town in Tuscany .

Bolgheri is located between the coastal cities of Cecina and San Vincenzo, less than 10 km from the seaside. I definitely suggest a drive along the famous “Viale dei Cipressi” (Cypress Avenue) that leads to Bolgheri. This is a scenic, straight avenue, about 5 km long, bordered by majestic and ancient cypresses which end in front of the Castle of Bolgheri. It connects the old Via Aurelia to the village. This very impressive path is celebrated by one of the major Italian poets of the nineteenth century, Giosuè Carducci, in his famous poemsDavanti San Guido” (“In front of San Guido”). The poet was very devoted to Bolgheri and its surrounding as he spent part of his youth here.

As I was thinking of those places that caresses soul such as Bolgheri a portrait of Pantelleriaa little island in Sicily, left me breathless with my gaze fixed upon it: being on holiday  there, as I did years ago,  makes you desire  to live in peace and in harmony with all the living beings.

Pantelleria is a volcanic island. This black pearl of the Mediterranean is located between Sicily and Africa. Pantelleria is one of Sicily’s most characteristic minor islands ; its rocky coastline, sometimes dramatic, sometimes gentle, extends for just over 31 miles. Historically speaking dominating civilisations (including the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs and the Spanish) have come and gone, all leaving their mark in a mesh of interwoven cultures. Arabic influences are most evident :  the traditional houses, “Dammusi” and the two most famous local wines, Moscato and Passito  made from Zibibbo grapes.  After a while  a gentle man with his staff offered me their special products:  dried “Zibibbo Dried Racines” paired with  “Amuma “ , an incredible passito, and “Sharab“, a zibibbo dry wine  . That lovely man  is Stefano Argenziano and he is the owner of  “Argenziano Winery”Avellino, Campania. His family established its business at the end of 1930s , then he moved  to Pantelleria to produce territorial execellences since 1952.

After my unforgettable sicilian break I climbed the stairs that lead to the room where there big Wine Tasting Tour still was going on : great wineries all around Italy. All the operators were very nice and helpful . I came into contact with  with their history and hard  work which over the time has created big products all around Italy .

I couldn’t taste all the Top Italian Wines. It was a little hard for my stomach and more over I had to get home and to be aware to find the right way ! My stomach was strong enough to go on with the last tastings I could afford. Other bottles were opened up of special wine unbeknownst to the guests. They were all amazing.  I’ve been lucky enough this time to enjoy many ‘great’ wines.  The more truly  big name bottles I drink, the more I feel that great bottles are not just names or labels but the hard work  behind a glass of wine, such as the one of these other Italian wineries present at the fair:

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, also gave birth to the culture of what is known today as fine italian hand-crafted goods. This is what you can see and feel from the rich history of Chiarugi” , a Tuscan company present at  the event that has been making Pepper Mills, Salt Mills, Herbs Grinders, since 1952.

I think  it’s one of the best wine fairs I’ve ever been. There’s a great selection of artisans and growers . It’s aboout people who care about their job with passion and  holding the name Italy high abroad.  I like the styles of so many of the wines here and the food is amazing! It’s the best food you get at any wine fair. I would like to thank all of those who were in charge of  this year’s Fair .

Enjoy it ! 


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