Can I really learn a language On Line?

This is everyone's first question, although the answer isn't an easy one. The concept of Learning a Language On Line is a relatively New One, and because of this, there have been very few studies done to prove its effectiveness. There are, however, countless testimonies proving that Yes, It is Possible to Learn a Language OnLine, but it will require  Motivation, and  Dedication ! 

You can do it if you:

  • dedicate Enough Time and use as Many Resources as possible; 
  • interact with other Speakers, whether it be OnLine or in Person; 
  • practice as much as possible while OffLine. 

So, if you Don’t Have Time to Attend Italian Language Classes , it's time to Learn Italian OnLine with Your Private Italian Tutor, a Native Speaker with a good knowledge of English and German!  You can take Italian  Lessons On Line via Skype in a comfortable and relaxed environment enjoying  all the advantages of Private Classes.

How it works:

1. Download Skype Free:

  • search My  Skype ID "stefania.tardino", then go to "Add Contacts" and my name will appear in your contacts list;
  • When I am Available OnLine,  you can contact me.

2.  Schedule your Italian Lesson by e-mail  at-remember the first Trial Lesson  is Free!:

3. I  call you Via Skype at a Specified Time:

  • be waiting on Skype at your Scheduled Time, I will call you;
  • as soon as the connection is established you can talk and Chat with Me;
  • here you can both turn on your webcam if you want, but I prefer to teach without as it forces students to listen more carefully.

4. Open the 'Virtual Classroom' with Skype  and begin: 

  • I will then call you via Skype, and you can work with me with our  ‘Virtual Classroom’ , where you’ll see the teaching material for your lesson; 
  • the ‘Virtual Classroom’  is like a shared exercise book between the teacher and the student, where both parties can write all over it and upload pics and videos to help the learning process; 
  • initially I’ll have a chat with you to work out what level of Italian you have, and where we should start; 
  • I aim to deliver a Fun and Effective Way of Learning Italian  OnLine, and I have developed a special  method in order to do so; 
  • after your lesson I will send you a copy of the exercises and material used in your class as well as any conversations made via chat features and most importantly homework for your next class.


Italian Lessons Content, Level & Timetable:
  • I can arrange a Detailed Topic for your Italian Lesson OnLine according to your Level -Basic, Intermediate or Advanced-and Interest;
  • We can arrange a Specific Timetable according to Your Availability during working hours-teaching in the evening and on the week-end is also possible.
Preparation for Cils Exams :
  • A1/A2-B1/B2-C1/C2 ;
Price for you Italian Lessons OnLine via Skype, “One to One Tuition”:
  • One Italian Lesson cost € 18, 00 (60 minutes);
  • A package of 5 Italian Lessons cost € 80, 00 ;
  • 10 Italian Lessons cost € 170,00 
Price for Cils Preparation :
  • 1 Italian Lesson cost € 20,00 (60 minutes);
  • A package of 5 Italian Lessons cost € 80, 00;
  • 10 Italian Lessons cost € 220,00 
How to Pay:
  • Pay Pal :

  • Bank transfer to:

   Iban Code:  IT 37 S 055 8401 795 0000000 79646

  Sfwit Code:    BPMIITMMXXX