ITB Berlin 2019

ITB  Berlin 2019

Are you attending the ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) , or considering it next year? Here are a few good reasons why you should do it , as well as some insights on How to Get the Most Out  of it.

ITB Berlin is the The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show. On March 6-10 2019  Travel Professionals dealt with  Industry Experts and had the opportunity to meet over 10,000 exhibitors represented in 26 halls ,  1,000 Qualified Top Buyers, and attendees from 187 Countries.  It simply cannot be missed! The ITB Berlin is the World’s Largest Tourism Trade Fair. The companies represented at the fair include Hotels, Tourist Boards, Tour Operators, System Providers, Airlines and Car Rental Companies. ITB began in 1966 as a small event in the framework of an overseas import trade show that developed into a true global success. The original five participating countries and regions grew to over 180, the first 250 trade visitors increased to over 114,000 and the exhibition space expanded from 580 m² to today’s 160,000 m². Lot of time passed since it all began , and in the meanwhile  the Tourism Industry developed into one of the World’s Most Important Economic factors.

My ITB Berlin 2019

For European Enterprises, Travel Experts/Lovers and Bloggers it is a must to be at ITB Berlin 2019 , because It is very important to learn more about competitors and to be updated about Tourism Industry Developments. ITB Berlin 2019 mirrors the Current Trends of the Global Travel Industry, and reminds those working in the sector of great challenges around the world in this field, such as the Digital Transformation.

I was really honoured to partner with ITB Berlin 2019 as an accreditated Networker. It was my very first time , and also an exceptional showcase for my activity as owner of (Travel/ Wine Blogging and Italian Courses and Custom Tours in Pisa, Tuscany). I took the advantage to advertise my Travel and Wine Blog and to sell to a Tourism Board too.  ITB Berlin 2019 was more than what I could ever have imagined! ITB  2019 was held at the Messe Berlin, an enormous  building at Messedamm 22, near Charlottenburg and Savigny Platz in Berlin, where I booked a nice hotel for my stay .

As I arrived at the ITB  2019 I got scared , because It was so big. I thought I wasn’t able  to walk all around for so many hours! I was also concerned about maximizing the time available for that colossal event. 

I wanted to see everything, talk to everyone and to experience everything else. Actually, I didn’t get lost , because thanks to  Victoria Ade-Genschow and her  blog The British Berliner with helpful tips for the ITB  , I knew what to expect and what to do before . I had the joy of meeting  Victoria personally at ITB  2019 ,  my Good Angel found time for me. She spoke about her job as a talented and Famous International Lifestyle & Travel blogger , and shared some secrets for good blogging with me. All that was a strong emotion for me sipping White Brasilian Wine  together with other nice people! I was enchanted by Victoria , we made friendship and she was my reference point for anything concerning Travelling, Tourism and Blogging, and she  is still! Victoria was the best part of that incredible adventure.  During the ITB  2019 I build New Relationships with other Professional Travel /Wine Bloggers and Experts in the industry of Cultural and Educational Tourism ,  which was essential to bring in new customers and grow my business. ITB  2019 was also a chance for me  to:Travel and Wine Blog and to sell   to 

  • Exchange Experiences with other Tourism Players;
  • Extend my  Network for my;
  • Find cooperation / business partners for my
  • Create New, Innovative Business Models.

What made me excited about ITB  2019 was my  Virtual Journey Around the World! In an instant I visited Europe, Asia, Arabia,  America, Australia simply going from one stand to another one,  and suddenly I got the desire to leave for an exotic destination and to never come back ! 

Why not discovering Malaysia, and then Abu Dabi, Mexico, or Paris ? Hanging on at ITB  2019 I organized my “World Trip” geographically and  thematically according to my interests  ! In several exhibition halls, the latest Travel Trends were also presented across Countries and Regions. These include, for example, Medical  or Responsible Tourism, Youth & Adventure or Wellness Travel. At Pavillon 1.2. National Tourism Board Enit launched Italy promoting  Its Food & Wine Heritage being inseparable from the Identity and Culture of our country, but also at the same time making clear that Italy was more than pizza and pasta!  I liked the ITB Berlin space reserved to Travel Technology a lot, because established companies and ambitious startups boosted  their latest innovations, while several forums highlighted important developments from the World of Apps, Mobile Websites, Social Networks and Blogs. I realized how most Travel Businesses were moving rapidly to adapt, integrate or evolve Digital System that controlled nearly aspects of their business operations, from marketing to customer service to distribution. Last but not least, ITB  2019 confirmed, once again, that any form of Real Business could not work properly without the Virtual one, and vice versa. Even in a Digitalised World, It was not possible at  ITB  2019 to replace the confidence-building measure that Face-to-Face Meetings and a Direct Exchange between Business Partners on issues concerning the Travel Global Industry represented.  I enjoyed all the  trade show’s broad range of products and services. Moreover, attending such a big event is like being aware that despite a slowdown in the world economy, Demand within the Travel Industry remains stable, that is people remain eager to travel and the industry is well-equipped to meet the demand.



Tips for the ITB Berlin 

I Set Clear Goals for my ITB 2019! I Planned my Time and Schedule  in advance , because ITB 2019  was a massive event.

If you want to make your Experience at the ITB Berlin next year a success, then you need to be organized! Here my Tips: 

  • Visit the ITB Berlin  2019 Website and Its App to have and download all the useful info to get around the venue; 
  • Print your  badge before to avoid boring queues; 
  • Register/Complete your ITB Profile
  • Sign up and confirm all your  appointments at ITB Berlin  2019, and  send a reminder email to people about your  meetings;
  • Check out how to get at the ITB Berlin  2019 and the map of the Messe Berlin to move around easily; 
  • Plan your visit but be flexible; ITB Berlin is broken up into sections such as Europe, Asia, America, Arabia, Australia, and you can change your schedule , as you may find that the exhibitor is a little busy at the time you want to go; 
  • Make sure you plan for some rest during the day, because you can get caught up in visiting every exhibitor;  
  • Dress Smart! The official attire is Business Wear, being slightly formal and wearing a suit or at least smart-casual will be the best choice! 
  • Wear comfortable shoes for  working extended hours on your  feet; 
  • Take with you Packed Lunch and  Water in your  bag ; walking and talking is exhausting and you need to keep your energy levels up; 
  • Have  enough Business Card Media Kit to hand , there are so many opportunities to network with agents, tour operators, tourist boards, hotels, airlines, and other influencers just to name a few; aim to have more than you need! 
  • Don’t forget to bring your Phone , a Portable Charger,  a Note Pad or a Small Agenda to write down all the ideas, names, brands and whatever else came to your  mind during  ITB Berlin 2019.

All this was really important to maximize my productivity  as I attended many Halss, Presentations, and Networking Events run  by Experts and Bloggers. At the ITB Berlin 2019 there were also areas where the focus was Industry Job Opportunities,  as well as Shows, Parties,  Concerts and Culinary treats rounds. ITB Berlin 2019 was not  only for me  an exclusive business event where to be, but It also  provided an energetic and entertaining atmosphere each day, and for  sure I  had lots of fun along the way and met amazing people. 

At the end of this incredible Life Experience I went out with some friends at my favorite restaurant  Schwarzes Café in Savigny Platz to remember my “Berliner Zeit” and how Berlin added value to my life! 

“Mir kann keiner” ! 

Bis Bald Schönes Berlin ! 

Enjoy it ! 


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