Las Termas des Hispalis, Seville

Las Termas des Hispalis 

My third Trip in Seville in a Hot Week in July makes me think of doing Something Special for me, a Magic Day in an Exclusive Spa in the Heart of Seville at “Las Termas des Hispalis”, close to the Hotel “La Judaria”, in Calle Sta. María la Blanca, 3, 5. It’s the Best Thing of my Stay in the charming Capital of Andalusia  .

Upon my arrival, I meet Martina, the blond and lovely receptionist of “Las Termas des Hispalis”, who explains me what I can do there, and I go on with booking my Relaxing Moment for 90 minutes. Martina offers me the possibility to combine my  circuits with an Extensive Menu of Relaxing and Exotic Massages, Therapeutics and Body Wraps . I make my reservation for a saturday afternoon, and I’m able to be spoiled by my  therapist at my preferred timing at 19:30. Here What I do:

  • I arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to my appointment, to get into the Mood of Relaxation;
  • A friendly hostess provides all I need  for my Day Spa , such as towel and slippers; 
  • I take a Warm Shower before my Treatment, as it relaxes my  tired muscles; 
  •  I enjoy a body massage, a Steam Bath and  a Sauna; 
  • I drink liters of water and fresh orange juices; 
  • I play with the water inside the Jacuzzipool being tickled by hydromassages; 
  • I admire the Stunning Location full of Mosaics and Candles.

Why to go to to “Las Termas des Hispalis”? 

Spa and Relaxation goes hand in hand, and you perform better if  you visit Spa regularly.  It combats Stress and improves Mental Health. There are uncountable benefits of attending “Las Termas des Hispalis” Sessions: 

  • Improves Vital Health;
  • Reduces Anxiety;
  • Enhances the “Feel Good” Factor;
  • Stimulates Lymphatic System;
  • Mudpacks and Mineral Water Bath have Anti-Inflammatory Activities that can cure some Skin Problems.
Las Termas des Hispalis, Seville
Las Termas des Hispalis, Seville

Exercises, Healthy Food, Relaxing and Good Sleep are the fundaments of a Healthy  Lifestyle. This is what most of us have heard on more than one occasion. In my  opinion all of that sounds fantastic but is missing one vital thing, two hours a week at “Las Termas des Hispalis”. It’s ideal for Therapeutic Treatments like Massage, Body and Facial Treatments,  all this improves your Sense of Well-Being and your Life. 

Las Termas des Hispalis, Seville
Las Termas des Hispalis, Seville

Sometimes I forget that my Body needs Respect and Attention and I often take that for granted. Now at “Las Termas des Hispalis” I want to separate myself  from Daily Routine, Tasks, Cellphones and Technology. The mere purpose of doing so is a Healing Experience, the environment I am in (music, lighting, etc.) relaxes My Mind and Body; and I am  given time in Silence for Reflection and/or Mindfulness, and even before the therapy begins, I experience the Presence and Touch of a Nurturing Human Being.


Thanks for all! 

Seville is always in my Mind and I have One More Reason to come back soon!

Enjoy it ! 


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