“Un Augurio DiVino”, Wine Tasting at “Le Palaie”, Peccioli

We would like to invite You to the Event  “Un Augurio DiVino”, a Xmas  Tasting of  5 Top Wines at: 

The Tasting Journey involves the presence of the following 5 Top Wines:


1. “Rosato”from Merlot and Sangiovese grapes grown on hills in loose to medium terroir that leads to sandy soil. A hint of copper to the eye, fruity florals to the nose plus high acidity leads to intense flavors.

2. “Viogner”originally from the Rhone Valley, France“Le Palaie” winery produces a very rare wine characterized by floral notes to the nose ( honeysuckle and lavender) along with peaches and suggestions of smoke. Detect hints of white peaches, citrus and dried apricots with a finish of butterscotch and oak.

3. “Gatta Ci Cova”from  Sangiovese -50 per cent-and Merlot-50 per cent- this wine has  an intense ruby colour and a typical fruity perfume of a fresh young wine with jummy hints of wild berries .


4. “Sagrestano”from San Giovese -50 per cent -and Alicante -50 per cent. Strong scent of spices, black pepper mainly,present also on the palate, that make this wine unforgettable.

5. “Bulizio”from Cabernet Sauvignon – 40 percent, Merlot – 40 percent and Petit Verdot  20 percent grown on low hills in sandy soil. Deep ruby to the eye, highlighted with light garnet; the nose detects ripe fruit that leads to spicy notes; robust tannins.
The Wine Tasting at “Le Palaie” will be accompanied by a typical Tuscan “aperitivo” , prepared by me and Olimpia Bertolucci, a Wine Tasting Expert, and by guided walks through the vineyards and olive groves with the enologist Andrea Secco.
 Enjoy it!




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