“Aperivino, The Wine is on the Table”, Wine Tasting at “Le Palaie”, Peccioli, Tuscany,10th March 2018

The Wine Tasting Event “”Aperivino, The Wine is on the Table” was successfully completed on the 10th March 2018 at “Le Palaie” Winery, Peccioli, Tuscany. 

Guests  came to enjoy the Top 5 Wines of the  “Le Palaie” Winery in combination with: local products, an English conversation with Adrian Setright of the “New York Academy”, Pisa and the musician Stefano Matteucci. Guests appreaciated the event and despite the bad weather they discovered the colours and flaours of Tuscany and explored its beautiful vineyards and rolling hills. 

The Wine Tasting  involved the presence of the following 5 Top Wines


1. “Rosato”from Merlot and Sangiovese grapes grown on hills in loose to medium terroir that leads to sandy soil. A hint of copper to the eye, fruity florals to the nose plus high acidity leads to intense flavors.

2. “Viogner”originally from the Rhone Valley, France“Le Palaie” winery produces a very rare wine characterized by floral notes to the nose ( honeysuckle and lavender) along with peaches and suggestions of smoke. Detect hints of white peaches, citrus and dried apricots with a finish of butterscotch and oak.

3. “Gatta Ci Cova”from  Sangiovese -50 per cent-and Merlot-50 per cent- this wine has  an intense ruby colour and a typical fruity perfume of a fresh young wine with jummy hints of wild berries .


4. “Sagrestano”from San Giovese -50 per cent -and Alicante -50 per cent. Strong scent of spices, black pepper mainly,present also on the palate, that make this wine unforgettable.

5. “Bulizio”from Cabernet Sauvignon – 40 percent, Merlot – 40 percent and Petit Verdot  20 percent grown on low hills in sandy soil. Deep ruby to the eye, highlighted with light garnet; the nose detects ripe fruit that leads to spicy notes; robust tannins.

It was my second Wine Tasting Experience with the charming “Le Palaie” Winery,  and I was very happy with their positive reviews in their web site: Le Palaie News. 

Hosting a wine Tasting Party was a great way to do something fun, classy, and different with my  friends and other guests coming  from Pisa’s province thanks to the Event sponsored on Social Media. A bit of knowledge, and the willingness to try something new was what I first needed to realize something like this. In the job of Sommelier (Wine Tasting Expert) I never stop learning, growing and building up my experience that goes on with the AIS of Lucca ( Italian Sommelier Association ) and with all the Tuscan Wineries and Wine Lovers. 

I would never been able to run all this Incredible Event alone, so my Special Thanks to: 

Enjoy it ! 


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