La Dimora degli Angeli, a Luxury B&B in Florence

The “Dimora degli Angeli “, a Luxury B&B in Florence, is the right place to enjoy everything you have ever heard about thousands of wonders in  Italy: a treasure trove of perfectly preserved monuments, blessed by the genius of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci. The list of artists would be endless!

From the “Dimora degli Angeli “, this magic Luxury B&B,  you can admire Florence : a unique open-air museum, but beyond producing some of the most beautiful art and landscapes ever seen, Florence remains a distinctly traditional city  with strong family values and much to surprise the traveler. Florence, Tuscany, is a perfect example of all the best that Italy  has to offer in terms of Shopping, Drinking, Art, History, and of course Wine & Culinary delights. In the wonderful Florence with its endless number of Historical Sites, Ancient Villages and Towns, Culture and Works of Art and its breathtaking Variety of Landscapes, it was not easy for me to pick  the perfect place to visit or the best accommodation to stay! After my unsuccessful attempts to make the right choice, I realised that the first priority in such an incredible city was to give voice to my feel. I had therefore no intention of planning something, but only a particular and central Luxury Accommodation from which to  begin my free tour having every Beauty  available on site.


It was time for me to decide  where to stay!

Choice was not the problem when deciding where to stay in Florence, as walking through the center, it seemed that every other house, apartment block or any old building was masquerading as a hotel, pensione or B&B.

Finding the right one for me was another matter, especially when I started checking out the tempting “historic residence” or upmarket B&B! Main reasons why I wanted to choose a B&B over a hotel was to feel like a guest in someone’s home while having a holiday in Florence. Being out every day meant lot of excitement, but even tiredness; so I needed a place to go back that made me feel a little like at home, a place where to have a bit of comfort while I was away from mine.  After a few searches on the Internet, my choice fell immediately on the Luxury B&B “La Dimora degli Angeli ” & ” La Dimora del Centro”. It was not only for their  central position in via Brunelleschi 4, just a few steps from “piazza del Duomo”, but even for the comfort and the elegance of their rooms and my  curiosity to learn more about its  owner, Claudio Cherubini. I read Claudio‘ blog where he talked about his amazing life story and where he shared his precious tips for discovering Florence’s beauty through a new perspective. Luxury B&B “La Dimora degli Angeli ” & ” La Dimora del Centro” are located in the center of Florence.,  two historic buildings with seductive rooms offering an irresistible charm, splendidly furnished and equipped with all modern amenities.  I spent my weekend at Luxury B&B “La Dimora del Centro” . It’s in the heart of the ancient and renewed city centre of Florence, “Piazza della Repubblica”. Luxury B&B “La Dimora del Centro”  sits in a prestigious building dating back to 1890, which was also once the seat of the main florentine newspapers such as “La Nazione”. In this palace the Italian writer Eugenio Montale used to write his poems, sitting at a table of the famous Cafè “Giubbe Rosse”. Luxury B&B “La Dimora del Centro” with its windows looking on a breathtaking city landscape offers a spectacular sight over “Brunelleschi’s Dome”  and “ Giotto’s Bell”. It is very close to the main squares and monuments of the ancient city centre: “Piazza del Duomo”,  “Piazza della Signoria”, “Galleria degli Uffizi”, “Palazzo Vecchio”, “Museo del Bargello”, “Palazzo Strozzi”“Ponte Vecchio” , “Palazzo Pitti” . Only to list the more important ones. It’s a short walk from the most elegant fashion Shopping Streets as well: Via de’ Tornabuoni, Via della Vigna Nuova, Via Roma, Via dei Calzaiuoli.

Claudio Cherubini

It was more than just a bed, it was the warm welcome you feel from coming into close touch with locals: Claudio and his wife! They welcomed me into their own home. When I shared the breakfast room in the morning I also met new people .

I had the chance to interact with Claudio and his wife learning about them, their stories, their recommendations of where to go eat and more that enriched my traveling experience too. Claudio in particular was my best resource for getting information on sights, museums, restaurants and much more in the neighborhood and in Florence. I  asked many questions about  his Luxury B&B “La Dimora degli Angeli ” & ” La Dimora del Centro”, its rooms , their decorations or paintings hanging in the house! Everything! It was like  to talk with a family member Claudio was able to hold a rich conversation with me. What struck me was the way he told about his story with elegance , tact and sensitivity. After having met Claudio I was able to interpret perfectly  Luxury B&B “La Dimora degli Angeli ” & ” La Dimora del Centro” ‘s core. He transferred all his life experience and his personality  to  them creating an urban chic style throughout.  Luxury B&B “La Dimora degli Angeli ” & ” La Dimora del Centro” have exclusive rooms with different influences and design, where everything comes together to create a place for the experienced world traveler. There is a tea room available to guests 24 hours a day at no extra charge. In a warm and welcoming environment, I relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of Florence while experiencing a vacation with the comforts of home.

 My itinerary in Florence!

Claudio suggested beautiful places for spending the  night in Florence.  Unfortunately my body was flashing steadily “discharged batteries”! I couldn’t go anywhere, becasue I was exausted. I  promise myself of  enjoying his tips next time in this exciting city! I’d like to list some of them in order to remind me  where to go back again in Florence:

About Claudio

Staying at Luxury B&B “La Dimora dei Cherubini”, in  Florence offered me not only a warm, comfortable place to head to after long days of sightseeing, it was also part of my experience and memories of Florence in an unconventional weekend in November 2017. 

I interviewed Claudio on Sunday morning and it was like to talk with an old friend. My first question was about the reason why each room beared a woman’s name. That was his answer: “numbers don’t have a soul!”. The response was far from that of a “Latin Lover” and while he was going on with his story I realized the central position of his wife and his mother in building all he achieved in his life. Claudio tried different things in his life until the military service, working in a hotel, in a coffee bar and for a little while with his father, who used to have a small business in the textile sector in the area surrounding Prato. He was a free spirit and didn’t like his job at the hotel . He didn’t get along well with his father, because having the same personalities, they always fought over everything, so he decided to become a businessman. He got his vendor license and began to stock clothing, the enemy of outlets, dealing with high quality women’s clothing. He succeeded for 17 fantastic years, then he  came up with the idea to enter into hospitality and his desire was to finally open a B&B. Claudio‘s adventure began. What brought him to open a B&B was the desire to face the world! He was lucky to live in Florence : a city with such beauty that people from all over the world come to admire the visions of Lorenzo the Magnificent. He had the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. The most important people in his life, his mother and hid wife, joined him in that adventure, like everything else in his life. Claudio wanted to offer guests the  opportunity to love and experience the atmosphere of “His” Florence, Tuscany and great restaurants. After a while, I didn’t know why, I felt inside there was something to deal with Sicily in the air! First the name of my room: “Costanza” was the mother of the Great Norman King Frederick II“. He reigned Sicily in XII, period in which Sicily went through its maximum economic, political, civil and artistic splendor. Second:Claudio’s face was similar to Luigi Pirandello, the Sicilian novelist, play-writer, very well-know all over the word, winner of the 1934 Nobel Prize for Literature. Moreover, there are some biographical features that bind them together: Claudio seemed to me a foreigner in Florence  like Pirandello in Italy. It’s about a way of seeing the world, that is to go beyond one’s own boundaries. My conclusion were confirmed by the fact that Claudio included Sicily within its passions, together with family, cooking, and “bella vita”. In particular he mentioned Lipari, Aeolian Islands,  for all that  this little Mediterranean Island can offer to a human being in terms of beauty in life.

Claudio concluded affirming in the interview:

I don’t know if it is always possible, but I am certain that I will always give 100 percent to make your stay here unforgettable!” .

I think so , Claudio! .  Thanks for all your kind attention to My Stay at Luxury B&B “La Dimora degli Angeli ” & ” La Dimora del Centro” in Florence .  Fresh memories in my mind like the flowers each guest can find in each of your rooms!

Enjoy it !


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