Wine Blogger 


My Wine Posts are dedicated to  Wine Lovers & to Wine Readers to: 

  • speak about Best Wine Heritage of Tuscany and of other National/ International Places; 
  •  recommend Top Wines and Wineries for your General Entertainment or for your Next Travel Destination ! 

If we Learn Something about Wine that will be a Happy Side Effect! I believe telling stories about a Wine helps remove it from the realm of high status, where all we know about it is the price! I am not going to pretend that Wine is actually very straightforward. It isn’t. It’s a vast and still mysterious subject, which is why it is so interesting. Unfortunately for the general reader, many writers feel the need to demonstrate their education. I have a great advantage here of not knowing that much. I am learning the whole time, but I will try to never bore readers with newly-acquired facts about precipitation levels and soil types! 


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