Role: Italian language consultant for Europe

Lory is a Sicilian girl who lives in Brussels . She works as an  Italian Teacher  for "Italia che Passione" , an Italian School in the center of the city.

She loves Italy , ! She is  a  perfect  contact for anyone who want to visit Italy with a real great perspective.

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Role: Italian language consultant for Scandinavia

Natasha lived in Pisa years ago. Now she lives in Stuttgart. Her recommendations of personal , special and exclusive tours , will enhance your experience in Pisa .

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Role: Italian language consultant for Japan

Svn is an engineer with passion about travelling. She stayed in Pisa few years ago and fell in love with the city. That’s why she will give you the best tips for your holiday in Pisa

Her love of travel and new experiences is never-ending. She continues to travel and educate herself in destinations around the world to discover new places and meet new people.

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