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I love Travelling! In the last few years I personally experienced the Best Places and Accommodations in Italy and Abroad to provide useful Travel Tips in my Blog recommending what and who gave me strong Emotions !  

My Goal is:

  • to offer Curious Minds New Possibilities to seek out Authentic Experiences beyond those listed in the adjective-littered guidebooks travelling like a Local; 
  • to find a Top Tourist Facility (Hotel, Relais, Winery, Farm, B&B, etc.),  full of History and Charme , where there is a Family Environment surrounded by an Atmosphere of Cordiality and Hospitality for those who want to Feel at Home. 

It is a great job, but  it takes lot of time. It requires dedication and commitment, but I try to do my best!. This is expensive, but it is well worth paying that price. Thanks to some Complimentary Stay in Unforgettable Locations, I can help you to transform your Holiday in an Unforgettable Memory! Do you want to know How?

Read here below My Travel Posts and figure out your Next Destination! Let’s go !


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Enjoy Life!