Tuscany Winery in Peccioli : Le Palaie

If you want to  go wine tasting in Tuscany here some tips:

  • have a designated driver who drinks water !
  • focus on  a small place to feel the passion of wine and of winemaking;
  • go early especially in the weekends;
  •  be nice, and show them the respect they deserve;
  • don’t try only the wines you like ;
  • ask where the grapes are grown and if the answer is : “estate bottled” , you are in the right place!

Le Palaie Winery, Peccioli

“Estate bottled,” that’s a sign that the grapes were probably grown right around the corner .

It’s what I  experienced in an unique winery  “Le Palaie” located in a delicius Tuscan place called Peccioli  in September. I went by car with a friend of mine who, as a wine beginner , wanted to discover the importance of wine in this region. We entered the winery and Andrea Secco ,the oenologist, welcomed us in a very pleasant way . He was very friendly and was incredibly responsive to any request of information. Andrea  together with other people who were working there for the grapes harvest, offered a wealth of knowledge and made our day especially fun. We visited the winery and its estate and then we tasted 5 Top Wines in a spectacular beautiful setting.

“Le Palaie” must be included in your visit to Tuscany . This beautiful winery , where there is an agri-tourism as well,  is close to  FlorenceVolterraSan Gimignano and Siena.  

“Le Palaie” is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves: here the Tuscan way of life can easily become a valid alternative to city living!  Owned by CEO Angelo Nino Caponi, this Montecchio estate is right in the Val d’Era, considered an emerging wine region in the Tuscan province of Pisa.


Le Palaie Wines


1. Viognier

Originally from the Rhone Valley, France, France, “Le Palaie” Winery produces a very rare wine characterized by floral notes to the nose ( honeysuckle and lavender) along with peaches and suggestions of smoke. Detect hints of white peaches, citrus and dried apricots with a finish of butterscotch and oak. Pair with salmon, fish or light vegetable soups.

2. Rosè

From Merlot and Sangiovese grapes grown on hills in loose to medium terroir that leads to sandy soil. A hint of copper to the eye, fruity florals to the nose plus high acidity leads to intense flavors. Pair with beef, deer, venison, veal, and pork; mature/hard cheese.

3. Gatta Ci Cova 

From  Sangiovese -50 per cent-and Merlot-50 per cent- this wine has  an intense ruby colour and a typical fruity perfume of a fresh young wine with jummy hints of wild berries . Pair with second course of read meats.



4. Bulizio

From Cabernet Sauvignon – 40 percent, Merlot – 40 percent and Petit Verdot – 20 percent grown on low hills in sandy soil. Deep ruby to the eye, highlighted with light garnet; the nose detects ripe fruit that leads to spicy notes; robust tannins. Pair with game dishes .


5. Sagrestano 

From San Giovese -50 per cent -and Alicante -50 per cent. Pair with roasted read meat and game; excellent with mature cheese.


Enjoy it ! 


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