By far one of the most beautiful trip was the one in Valencia with my family.

Valencia was a perfect place for our summer vacation and had a lot to offer ! Thanks to its dynamism and geographical location, the charming city of Valencia is the ideal destination  for all ages and tastes! Valencia has it all: beaches, parks, and great food. That’s pretty much everything you need to make your trip perfect, right? The best advice, I  can give you is: plan ahead!


In the vast country of Spain, Valencia is adorned to be the third largest city

It is one of the autonomous communities of Spain, being part of the “Comunidad Valenciana” which consists of three provinces namely: ValenciaAlicante and Castellón. It is a port city located in the east of Spain about three miles from the Turia River and is flowing directly to the Meditarranean Sea. Valencia is comprised both of natural landscapes and man-made architecture. Mostly, Valencia is composed of mountainous peaks, fertile valleys, terrains and marshlands. What gives Valencia a remarkable sense of beauty is: its Mediterranean climate, lot of palm trees, flowers and fauna everywhere in contrast with its  fountains, buildings and cobbled streets.  Valencia is a large and sprawling city. So if you have a limited amount of time and would like to soak up some of the history of the city, it is best to book an accomodation in the old town like we did in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. This area is exciting , it’s not only full of nice restaurants, shops and pubs, but it’s also the home of important historical buildings we visited. Come with me! 

Top Buildings to visit in Valencia

Valencia is one of Spain’s most important cities and it boasts a long and interesting history.

Its influences are taken from a variety of sources including the Moors, Christians and Romans. This is all reflected in the architecture and atmosphere of the city. The Golden Era of Valencia is said to be during the XIV and XV  centuries in Valencia. This was a time when the economy flourished due to agriculture and maritime trade. This meant that lots of emblematic buibuildings were constructed during this period:

Another period that is of significance to Valencia history is the creation and continuation of Modernism. This is an architectural style that was pioneered by the likes of Gaudi in the XX century. It can be distinguished by its use of organic forms (many influences are taken from nature) teamed with Art Nouveau styles. Valencia is one of the Spanish cities with a fair number of Modernist buildings. Buildings that are of note include: 

Last but not the least! 

In our list of planned things to do

  • “Bioparc”  Valencia: great ZOO that’s not too small or too big ;
  • the “Oceanographic”: Europe’s largest aquarium. More than 45.000 species from the sea: belugas, penguins, seals, and sharks live here; 
  • the” Malvarrosa”: it  is a typical family beach with numerous activities to choose from: playground, volleyball, showers, car park, shops, and restaurants;
  • the “Garrofera”: it is  a quiet beach- secluded with not many facilities – so don’t forget to pack juices and snacks!


Valencia, the Food & Wine lover’s paradise

There’s something for everyone in the Spanish city of Valencia. It’s   also a Food and Wine lover’s paradise: restaurants and bars fill the city’s streets and the markets are a destination in themselves. You can find all the  tipical dishes in “El Mercado Central”.

It is located in the  Old Town, and i’ts the biggest market of fresh products in Europe,  where a lot of the city’s inhabitants buy their groceries. Relax and imagine to taste all these tasty specialities: 

It’s difficult to eat badly in Valencia, frankly. You could eat different dishes every day in Valencia . As well as rice, a fabulous range of vegetables is grown in the countryside around the city, so you get great local produce in restaurants. And being right on the Mediterranean, the fish and shellfish is really fresh too. My favourite local  restaurants are: 

Valencia Amazing City

This city is gorgeousIt’s warm and it’s beautiful and it’s interesting. It’s historical and filled with culture but also modern and filled with young creativity. 

I knew the city was in Spain and something about Valencia Oranges  And that’s it. Yep, that’s everything I knew about Valencia. If I knew what I know now I’m 100% sure I would have come sooner. Valencia is gorgeous! Valencia is my kind of city. It’s small enough to walk or cycle around but big enough that there’s a long list of things to see and do. There’s something photogenic at every turn. Sometimes it’s an incredible monument, a beautiful bridge, a spellbinding church, a colourful market, a delicious meal, cool street art or simply an old bloke drinking his coffee and looking so impossibly Spanish.I think one of the reasons I’m loving Valencia so much is because I hadn’t expected it to be sobeautiful. A special thanks to my Mam & my Dad for these unforgattable days ! 

Enjoy it! 


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