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Wine Tasting Event "Un Augurio Divino", "Le Palaie Winery", Peccioli, Tuscany :

Wine Event "Aperivino : the Wine is on the table", "Le Palaie Winery", Peccioli, Tuscany:




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I believe telling stories about a Wine helps remove it from the realm of high status where all we know about it is the price!

I am not going to pretend that Wine is actually very straightforward. It isn’t. It’s a vast and still mysterious subject which is why it is so interesting. Unfortunately for the general reader, many writers feel the need to demonstrate their education. I have a great advantage here of not knowing that much. I am learning the whole time but I will try to never bore readers with newly-acquired facts about precipitation levels and soil types. I will also avoid extensive tasting notes.

My aim is to entertain readers: 

  • speaking about the traditional territory of Tuscany or any other region of Italy or abroad  through its Wine Heritage;
  •  recommending unforgettable wonderful places where to spend your Holidays in Italy or abroad  and good things to drink!  And if we learn something that will be a happy side effect!

I  wrote  different Posts about the best Wine Events in Pisa and Florence as a Wine Blogger in return of an accreditation. To have some feedbacks about my experience, please  visit  "MyBlog/Wine&Food Category".

If you are interested in a collaboration with me to share our passion about Wine. I offer: 

  • to write Posts for your Winery/Farm  in exchange for a free visit or a free stay according to your availability.

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