“Beauty awakens Soul to Act”, Dante Alighieri

Do you Love Italy? 

If your answer is Yes,  then It's time to  come! 


What about www.WeLoveItaly.eu ?

www.WeLoveItaly.eu can help you with Learning Italian and Discovering Italy's Treasures starting from Tuscany, one of its most Beautiful regions. 

www.WeLoveItaly.eu  provides: 

Why Choose www.WeLoveItaly.eu? 

www.WeLoveItaly.eu offers the opportunity of Learning Italian combining Language and Leisure Activities and organizes Your  Study Holiday in a charming and unique Italian city, Pisa.  Pisa is much more than the Leaning Tower ! Pisa is a Dream Destination for Art, Culture, Stunning Landscapes, Fashion, Food, Wine and Friendly people  

www.WeLoveItaly.eu is a Member of Terre di Pisa, the New Tourist Brand of Pisa and its Province. A passionated and qualified Team that guarantees You Have Fun and a Life Experience in our country you'll never forget!  

Are you ready to Enjoy Italian Life Style? 

"Allora , andiamo!!"








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