My name is Stefania . I am  an Italian Private Tutor, an Authorized Tour Leader, and  a Wine Tasting Expert. I can help you to:

  • Learn Italian On Line via Skype: there are a lot of benefits to Learn Italian On-Line. My courses are completed at your own pace, with no set class times. All work is submitted on the web, and you will find several opportunities to interact with me as instructor;

  • Learn Real Italian while on Holiday in Pisa: for an unforgettable Life Experience helping you to organize your free time  and with finding the best accomodation that fits your needs;

  • Organize Custom Tours in Pisa and its Province; 

  • Run Wine Services; 

  • Offer a Free Travel Consultancy in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to  Camera di Commercio di Pisa

I’m trying to do My Best, so if you have questions, or you want to  improve my activity with your sugesttions or ideas,  I would be really grateful.


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