Testimonials at WeLoveItaly.eu

Testimonials at WeLoveItaly.eu are some of the students who learned and had fun with us in the past years. The average age of the students who attends our Italian language courses is from 30 to 60/70 years old.  Our students come from all over the world: North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand; South America.  The Italian course that can be chosen lasts from a minimum of 1 week to 6 months; the most part chooses to stay from 2 to 4 weeks. 

Testimonials at WeLoveItaly.eu are a little part of all foreigenrs  who choosed our Italian lessons and were really satisfied . Most of our customers have a medium/high cultural level and interest towards the Italian culture. WeLoveItaly.eu  is highly motivated by our students: their appreciation commits the whole staff in delivering an outstanding service. Check out our students review!


Anthony Paul Mackay  from London :

Daria Profeta  from Berlin:

Rosabella Chan from Hong Kong :

Mariya Sosnovskaya from Russia,  “a presto Bella”

Marek Lewcun from Bath:

Paula Cullison from Phoenix :

“I would highly recommend taking Italian classes with Stefania and having a wonderful experience with her! A very humble, friendly, outgoing person that has personally helped me in learning the basic Italian grammar as a beginner via Skype. During a year’s period of time, I’ve learnt a lot about Italy apart from the language, things that fall into my interest such as the culture.

Saeed Ali  from Abu Dabhi

“I studied with Stefania for 6 lessons , before starting our lessons I have only basic level of Italian and I could only speak in present tense as I don’t know other tenses in Italian. At the end of 6  lessons , I have the ability to speak in all tenses of Italian . Her teaching skills are very advanced “.

Gulsah Gokay Uzun from Turkey



"Cara Stefania,

Thank you very for my unforgettable experience in Italy, a presto!"

Malvin Cascia from U.S.A.


"Cara Stefania,

Thank you very for your patience, really appreciate your teaching methodology which is very straightforward, lucid, user friendly and a very fluent approach. ”

Prashanth Kumar from India

Thanks Stefania, for Italian conversation. We learned a lot to speak with people and to order a cold drink near the seaside. Pisa is really beautiful! "

Anna Maria Szewczyk and Magdalena Rusecka from Poland

Thanks Stefania,

for all the beautiful experiences we shared together in Italy"

Barbara Meyer from Zurigo

Kim Harris




Alexandra Gaubert