Italian language vacation in Pisa

Tuscany is the region of Italy where Dante Alighieri was born, the great medieval poet known as Father of the Italian language. Then what a better place than Tuscany to study Italian?  

Booking an Italian language vacation in Pisa  is a way to learn Italian while having fun . You will be introduced to all the beauty of Pisa  , where there are  tons of tourist attractions worth visiting.

It's really easy to move in Pisa . Its airport is only 12-minutes train ride away far from the historic center. Moreover, it's  very well-connected to the rest of the region and Italy by train and by bus. An Italian language vacation in Pisa means a  life experience beyond the Leaning Tower . 

After Florence,  Pisa is the second city in Tuscany Its  history dates  back to Etruscan times and go through the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Thanks to the Arno River flowing from the coastline near the city, Pisa’s naval history was a powerhouse during the 12th century which shaped the city as it stands today. The influential Medici Family and world-famous scientist Galileo Galilei also made Pisa great.

Accomodation in Pisa & Italian language course for you

Learn Italian inside 3 top  selected accommodation  in Pisa for  enjoying a friendly atmosphere  with your private Italian teacher.  An Italian language vacation in Pisa  means to enjoy the rich cultural, artistic, historic , and natural heritage of Italy . Do come to study Italian with us in Pisa  in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Italian language courses in Pisa are available at : 

  1. B&B A due Passi dal Treno in Via Benedetto Croce 13, Pisa : from € 400,00 for 1 person  for 1 week ;
  2. B&B  Welcome Home in Via Carlo Matteucci, in Pisa: from € 500,00 for 1 person  for 1 week;
  3. Hotel di Stefano  in  via  S. Apollonia 35, Pisa : from € 580, 00 for 1 person for 1 week.

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Italian language course at the Tuscan farm house & winery Le Palaie  

Italian language course at the charming farm house & winery  Le Palaie . From €  380,00 for 1 person for 1 week

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Italian language course on the sailing boat Havana Vela in Marina di Pisa

Italian language course on sailing boat  Havana Vela. From € 515,00 in a beautiful sailing boat of 11,35 meters with skipper and assistant on board.

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